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I have a few other models in my arsenal: Pearl , Bold , Q10 and the Classic. I use a Blackberry Z With OS I have used BlackBerry devices since when I had the blackberry paging, email, and 2-way communication. I tried an I-phone and an android for a very short time. No security, and was unable to control them as I need to. I work in private practice health care. I just bought a brand new z10 from a popular auction website just in the event that my current and original z10 wears out!!!

What we really need is another z10 or Z20 with new hardware but using BlackBerry Operating system. Think how good that would be. Blackberry Classic is a wonderful phone; my son bought it for me. You can see the difference very clearly when compared with other phones. You get directly to your messages either in their indivual places , text, email etc all find them all in one place with B.

No lagging what so ever, no annoying pop ups everywhere in the form of banners or the like. I love everything about it plus the keyboard and the choice for the touch screen too. I like speed dials too which for me is important. Quick acces to family members. It Is a sturdy, reliable mobile.

Definately a big difference compared with other phones today. The only only thing I wish was back is the Whats App, app, so, I had to use iPhone for main phone for contact with family abroad and this for my backup phone which is fine as use them both. No need for it though as just need to text with it for now. So, it is still proving to be the best.

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Good thing BB messenger is now a app that can be used on any mobile too so may ask family members to add that to their phones. If you love iPhone apps though you will miss them, but the Blackberry Classic is certainly reliable even in remotes areas where signal might be weak.

Still gets a thumbs up from me! I just started using BlackBerry classic a few days ago.

Find My BlackBerry Phone - BlackBerry Protect Login

I absolutely love it! I made the switch because I am tired of Google's bullshit and I can't afford an iPhone I have always been an android user - while my family and my husband now ex-husband were all fans of apple. About half-way through I switched to apple hoping it would be more secure after being hacked only to go through too many ipads and iphones to find out otherwise!!! This is why I finally got smart and chose blackberry! Sure you can buy an isheep phone or the samsheep phone if you want but to be like all the sheep out there but it's not for me.

I have alled the 3, mah battery to my Bold and get 2 days use no problem. I use a blackberry because I do not wish to have a daily "report" of all my phone's activities go to apple or google. That is "security" to me. I despise google and apple for their invasion of privacy. I have a Blackberry Bold I've just ordered a new battery in the hopes it will make the machine work again. I also LOVE the compact, dense feel of the machine.

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It fits into my hand. It discourages me wasting time on the internet because of the small screen size. I am using BlackBerry Passport. Apps from studio 10 Linkedin, FCB does not work right in my current device. I'm still using a BlackBerry Q To me it's the perfect phone: keyboard for accurate typing, perfect shape and size, good sized screen, efficient OS once you get used to it , fast, reliable, logical, decent camera. I only bought it out of curiosity and for the keyboard, but I really like it.

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That said, it helps that I have a tablet which I use for Android apps, and I'm not that reliant on any apps anyway except Spotify, which you can get on BB OS10 believe it or not. If I were someone who used my phone more than a computer, I probably would need an android phone though. This is amazing! I was inquiring about downgrading from my iPhone once my contract expires in February and literally Spotify was the reason I was hesitant!

Great news! I have a Z30 which works perfectly it got the latest Android and Apple are not for me. The Phone and OS are perfect, no clunky app-crap, super antenna, it just does everything with effortless class. Im confused, i have a passport and im not sure if i should get rid of it, all of this talk about security when every app requires acces to your files contact camera microphone etc without the ability to turn that access off in many apps.

Without cracking it, theres no usable apps like: word excel google maps waze. Are the app permissions nothing to worry about? I was excited to get the phone though the features to protect my data and privacy as well as the lengths i have to go also further compromising my privacy with third party apps to have usable apps is making it seem archaic. Yep, my z10 is still alive and kicking. I've always preferred Blackberry to iOS and Android. Why did they bother to survey us diehards before launching z10? I sent a wishlist for business apps, remote printing, etc.

I access social media via the web browser and know that I'm missing out on a lot of fun apps but I like knowing that my phone is basically clutter and virus free. Hopeful for a rebound this year and looking forward to see what Chen will do to enhance security in the next rev. I'm happy with my Blackberry Classic for it's security, physical keypad, the looks of the device - and because it's different!

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It has this nostalgic feeling about it. As long as android-users are able to download BBM on their device so they can communicate with Blackberry-users..

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I'm good. Don't even need Whatsapp. BBM is safer anyway. Yes I'm still using it and i love it. Fan from the very beginning. I am still using bbq10 b'cause it's keypad, secure, simple, nice n beautyfull, best build quality, cool, n more I Love it Specialy bb 10 os I am a diehard user of Blackberry but I am disappointed that I cant sync my DTEK 50 with my outlook contacts or download my images on my computer :. I am a diehard user of Blackberry but disappointed that I cant synchronize my DTEK 50 with my Outlook contacts or even download my images I use 8 email accounts, some BBM groups, and administer some channel.

I like how the OS 7. I have an iPhone 5s, but I just proud to still keep my juicing my day. I love the old Blackberries, not for all their security etc.. Particularly if doing hard manual work. I also prefer the physical keyboard to the glass ones. I just wish one of the current major brands would produce a bit of equally practical hardware to match the older small Blackberries.

It's and yes! I am still using a Blackberry! First, still love the keyboard! I could type War and Peace on it, if needed, versus typing on the glass. However, that is not the main reason. I work in a mission critical environment.