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That type of content is openly viewable to anyone with a phone and internet. So to answer the question, YES, I believe it's important to monitor your kids devices until the future finds a way to limit what can be accessed in the world wide web. I feel like it's important to monitor your child's cell phone use, but not so consistently that they develop good skills at hiding things from you. My parents are helicopter parents, and they just randomly take my phone and iPad away every week and keep them for days on end, completely disregarding my need for school stuff on both my phone and iPad.

My parents even said they trust me and let me do whatever I want, but even we both know that's a lie. They say they're just doing this for my safety, but its just so restricting that I have no choice but to rebel in order for them to see me as an actual person instead of their inferior kid or however they treat me. Just like with social media. They don't want me to have it because they think it'll make me depressed and suicidal. Keep in mind I'm almost 16 and can handle this stuff maturely, but they still treat me like I'm 6.

I just want the helicopter parenting to just stop, as this is what makes me have such bad anxiety about everything. I just can't do anything myself. I wish I was with another family who actually treats me like a 16 year old. I sure hope my kids don't turn out like I did. I may not be a parent so some parent may think that my opinion is irrelevant here but to me a parent like that displays such strict behavior is just overprotective and controlling. I also think it comes off has not being understanding.

He's 15 hun. That's all he'll ever do. I have 9 brothers, and me being the only girl, I've seen them do things and watch things I wish I hadn't. You can try to talk to him, but I wouldn't. He'll either deny it or simply say he won't, but will. He's a teen, and he's growing in more ways than one.. I grew up in a different time where we had to write notes and call a friends home to communicate.

When you are a thirty something mom one day you will be facing your own challenges and look back and it will all make sense, I promise. The world we are in today is so new, us parents are having to navigate through something nobody else has.

We are essentially guniea pigs and our children are at stake. You are all so precious and deserve to be protected. Just focus on school and do something great with your life. Find authentic friends that can talk to you in person.

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You will stand out in a world full of followers. To summarize: your parents love you, you will be old one day and understand and be awesome despite your challenges. Adults and parents basically decide how they want you to live, how you dress, if you can wear makeup, what you eat, where you go and what you do.

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Phones are the only one of the only thing teens can have freedom and some control over so taking away that basically stripes them of any right to freedom which is why teens rebel. Might has well read their diary has well.

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Doing so also gives parents a bad look and enforced the overprotective parent stereotype and the difference between parents and their kids. My parents have made me download a tracking app to see where I am. Hey Pixl.

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First, thanks for your thoughts. It can be hard to reach out and be honest about your feelings. Second, take your desire to reach out and be honest to your parents. As a parent, my biggest frustration is lack of communication, and I realize I may be contributing to that by getting angry at times.

Be positive and honest. So my mom like legit monitors my phone and she has a app which links to my phone where she can block apps and turn off my phone after 3 hours of usage, which is dumb.


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She also goes through my text messages and my photos and my call and search history. And I am a very curious person, and I get in trouble for looking up "inappropriate things" which I just want to know what it means because I got curious a few days ago and my friend sent me a message and it said "blowjob" and I thought it meant like a hair spa day kinda thing, so I got curious and googled it and my mom saw what I searched it up and she lost it and I just got my phone back. And I'm 14 and my mom want to sheild me from social media!

All of my friends have Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, ect. But I'm the only one in my friend group that doesn't have social media! And I'm going into my freshman year of high school and I want to fit in! And my mom found out I'm pansexual because she read my texts, and she told me this "your too young to talk and know about that stuff" and I'm like "Mom, I'm 14 I'm fine knowing stuff like this" she grounded me for saying that.

I legit have a helicopter mother I want my freedom back when freshman year starts after summer of but I doubt it I want to kill myself because my mother gives me anxiety, because if I get curious, she yells at me. If I have social media, she will ground me and delete it. And a lot of other stuff As a teen, I think that parents should only look through our phones if they have a reason to suspect that something bad is happening.

And by that I mean that someone is being bullied or could get hurt, or inappropriate pics are being sent, not just that they think we have a boyfriend or whatever. If you're a relatively well-behaved kid and your parents look through your phone anyway, it shows that they don't trust you. When parents give their kid a phone, it shows that they trust their kid enough to give them said phone. My parents have access to my phone, but they don't check often, and they give me notice before they do. And that's fine with me. The main reasons I don't want my parents to randomly check my phone is that my friends and I talk about private stuff all the time on there.

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It's not inappropriate, mostly about crushes and friend drama. I know people may say that if it's so private, we shouldn't text about it. But kids never have any in-person privacy. When talking about secrets, texting is the best way. So if my parents read my texts, they're seeing all my friends' secrets. And I know they'd hate that. Anyway, I feel like kids, especially older kids, should have privacy on their phones. Parents, ask for your teen's input on phone restrictions and rules. It will make things so much easier.

My parents constantly look through my phone and texts. Like almost every app has been used by them at least once and their justification is that they bought the phone so they can use it however they want.

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Honestly what their doing is just distancing myself away from them. My mom invaded my privacy on Discord. Honesty the number of parents on here justifying the abuse of privacy makes me sick to my stomach. I am a firm believer that everyone above the age of 12 should be able to explore freely. They should be allowed to make mistakes. If you truly love them, let them mess up. Yes the world is sometimes messed up, but your kids will need to learn how to handle themselves in this medium without you interfering; the sooner the better so they're not still learning how to surf the web safety by the time they go off to college, or even in high school.

Giving them the agency and autonomy they need will help them feel less suffocated and trust you as you have proven you can trust them and treat them like people.